Allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you back from your relaxing summer vacations. You have been renewed, refreshed and restored after experiencing the awesome wonders of God’s great creation.

The majestic mountains, the wilderness, plants and animal life, quite walks, just relaxing on the beach. I was blessed to attend our  family reunion in St louis, Missouri. We were further blessed to celebrate Ashly’s Master’s Degree from Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

 In the words of a song, “O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy hands have made. The stars, the rolling thunder, the power throughout the universe displayed, then sing my soul my savior God to thee. How great thou art…”

 Now back on the Horizon we continue in covenant relationships with one another and local churches. Ministering to our community, feeding the hungry, comforting the lonely, teaching, preaching and praying for all.

The lord has given me as senior shepherd to solicit your prayers for The First New Horizon Baptist Church. Over the years, 30 years as a church and 80years of life we have been blessed abundantly. I can truly say that while I have seen many things, I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed  begging for bread. In my 80th year of life desiring to leave this world having fulfilled the full purpose of my creation.

The First New Horizon Baptist Church Prayer request

   Pray for a Debt Free Church

.  Pray for the construction of the 2nd Phase of Church

.  Pray for the building of affordable senior citizen housing

.  Pray for Operation: Clinton, Maryland for Jesus

.  Pray for Restoration

 May you abound in the overflow of blessing as you pray and support this great work of kingdom building.        

 Wilbert L. Williams
 Founder/senior Servant